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Hand Woven Mini Infinity Scarf - Embrace - Periwinkle Bamboo Weft - Plain Weave

$105.00 CAD

One of a Kind!

The smallest piece in our lineup, this is a lovely hand woven scarf for both children and adults! A beautiful and decorative piece that doesn’t add bulk or too much extra warmth for those warmer climates and months during the year. 

Hand woven and hand finished in Alberta, Canada. 

Fabric is 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton, and measuring 34cm[wide] x 92cm[diameter] (13.5” x 36.5”). The bamboo adds an amazing softness to the fabric! 

For a full description (and photos, because even we get bored with lots of text) of erizo's commitment to high quality hand woven garments, please see our Quality Commitment page. 

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