Hand Woven Baby Wraps and Ring Slings

Hand Woven Ring Sling - 2.3m Lavenade - Natural Weft - Pebble Weave

$360.00 CAD

This Hand Woven Ring Sling is 2.3m long. Measured from the rings to the tail.

The project name was "Lavenade" and it was woven with a Natural Weft in Pebble Weave.

It is also made with our gathered/floating shoulder so fully reversible for left or right shoulder wearing and it features Silver coloured sling rings. It has a blunt hemmed tail.

All of our baby wearing products come with instructions. 

Hand woven and hand finished in Alberta, Canada. 

It is a sturdy, 100% cotton hand woven baby wrap that is soft enough for your newborn and strong enough for your toddler.

For a full description (and photos, because even we get bored with lots of text) of erizo's commitment to high quality hand woven baby wearing items, please see our Quality Commitment page.

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