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Capt Jack Pre-Sale

This hand woven project is scheduled to be on the loom starting in May 2020. "Capt. Jack" is designed after a few favourite captain characters! Dark and moody tones flood this wrap with personality. A gorgeous gender neutral design, this would also be a perfect wearable garment that would compliment any wardrobe!

Please Note: This is a deposit for a "sister spot" or semi-custom spot on this hand woven project. The deposit will be fully applied to your final invoice after you have chosen all the items you want. 

Semi-Customs are so much fun!
The "warp" (the mock-up you see here!) is designed already, so you get to pick:
-weave structure (see below)
-weft colour (the thread that goes horizontally)
-fiber type, such as cotton or bamboo (bamboo is for garments only)
-any accents you may want
-length of ring sling or baby wrap
-shoulder side of ring sling 
-ring sling colour 
-which rail up for ring slings
-side of fabric for buttons for the button poncho
-centre seam for the sleeveless vest and toggle poncho

In addition the deposit allows you to purchase as many items as you want!

See our cotton colours here
See our bamboo colours here.

Our weave structures to choose from are plain weave or pebble weave.

Plain weave is a classic basket weave, lusciously smooth fabric that glides effortlessly in multi-pass carries or drapes beautifully in a garment. It is equal weave and weft threads so the design stays very "true" to itself. It is our go-to here at Erizo Wovens and always turns out beautiful! The approximate weight/density of our cotton plain weave is 240 GSM.

Pebble weave is a twill variation weave, giving a gorgeous even-textured look and feel to the fabric. It offers an amazingly grippy hold for ring slings and wraps and provides so much cush on shoulders for heavier infants and toddlers - all while still being light and airy and not bulky. Pebble weave is more weft dominant, so that means that whatever colour you pick for the weft colour will show slightly more than the designed warp threads. Pebble weave as a garment wears a bit more fluffy  than the drape of the plain weave. The approximate weight/density of our cotton pebble weave is 290 GSM.

We always experiment with many different coloured wefts, as it really changes the look of the fabric. The weft testing occurs once the project is ready to start weaving. You will be contacted via email and/or Facebook once those photos are ready for viewing, so that you can see all of the available options for your piece(s). Since this is a semi-custom pre-order, the weft colour for your wrap is up to you, and seeing examples in real life makes that decision much easier! You are also free to choose any colour from the colour chart shown here, as we always have the colours in stock.

**Note: Variegated weft**
We do have several variegated weft colour options available, however they must be pre-ordered and have a different pricing structure. You must purchase the full cone ($60) and it will weave up to 4m. If you want to order more than 4m, you will need to pay for 2+ cones, as required. The special order takes 4 weeks to arrive, so you must choose this prior to the project weaving. Please make a note when you check out with this semi-custom deposit that you want to order that thread option, as well as the length of fabric you are wanting so we can order it accordingly. It is a non-refundable extra.

Along with the weft test will come an Google Form to complete. Once your form has been received with your choices, your piece will be woven in the order it was received. Once your piece is woven and cut off the loom, you will receive your final invoice via email. Once the pieces have been woven, it is usually 2 weeks until mailing! Start to finish, it is usually about 3 weeks to receive a semi-custom from Erizo Wovens. Your piece(s) will arrive pre-shrunk, washed and pressed, all ready to go! 


 Baby Wearing
Hand Woven Baby Wrap $120/m Plain Weave | $125/m Pebble Weave

Hand Woven Ring Sling*
Ring Sling Conversion

$120/m Plain Weave | $125/m Pebble Weave
$30 - gathered shoulder, includes sling rings

Button Poncho $275 - any weave structure or weft fibre 
Toggle Poncho $375 - any weave structure or weft fibre 
Sleeveless Vest $425 - any weave structure or weft fibre 
Mini Infinity $95 - any weave structure or weft fibre 
Infinity $130 - any weave structure or weft fibre 
Cowl $130 - any weave structure or weft fibre 
Classic  $130 - any weave structure or weft fibre 

Pinstripes/Sparkles/Blessing Threads on 1 tail (Ring Sling)


Pinstripes/Sparkles/Blessing Threads on 2 tails (Wrap)


Pinstripes/Sparkles/Blessing Threads for middle marker


Faux Grad on 1 tail (Ring Sling)


Faux Grad on 2 tails (Wrap)


Faux Grad for split weft


 Colour Blocking on 1 tail (Ring Sling)


 Colour Blocking on 2 tail (Wrap)


 Colour Blocking for Middle Marker


* Ring Slings Require an additional 0.30m of fabric for the shoulder above their finished length. Finished length is measured from the tail to the sling rings.  


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