Hand Woven Baby Wrap - 3.9m Charlies Sweet Roses - Rose Pale Weft - Unique Pebble Weave

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This Hand Woven Baby Wrap is 3.9m long and approximately 66cm (30 inches) wide.

The project name was Charlie's Sweet Roses and it was woven with a Rose Pale Weft in one of a kind Pebble Weave.

It has our signature hedgehog middle marker, and blunt hemmed tails.

All of our baby wearing products come with instructions. 

Hand woven and hand finished in Alberta, Canada.  

It is a sturdy, 100% cotton hand woven baby wrap that is soft enough for your newborn and strong enough for your toddler.

For a full description (and photos, because even we get bored with lots of text) of erizo's commitment to high quality hand woven baby wearing items, please see our Quality Commitment page.