Hand Woven Mini Infinity Scarf // Fire Opal

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The smallest piece in our lineup, this is a lovely hand woven scarf for both children and adults! A beautiful and decorative piece that doesn’t add bulk or too much extra warmth for those warmer climates and months during the year. Our signature blend of cotton and bamboo, our fabric is soft and luxurious, and offers a beautiful drape.

Hand woven and hand finished in Alberta, Canada. We are eco-friendly, using  Canadian thread and vegan leather labels on all of our Mini Infinity Scarves.

Fabric is 50% Bamboo & 50% Cotton, and measuring 25cm x 77cm (10” x 31”). The bamboo adds an amazing softness to the fabric! 

Opals have long been revered as a mystic stone because of the ever-changing colours present inside. Ranging from greens to blues, oranges, yellows and flecks purple and red, the opal has an interesting beauty depending on the stone chosen. Known as a stone that helps strengthen intuition and inner fire, as well as love and passion. Fire Opals are much more rare than the regular Opal, and Fire Opals are considered much more magical. When we wove these colours together a sort of sunset over the ocean colour way, Opal and Fire Opal meanings came to mind as the beauty and radiance of a sunset is also similar to the fire inside an Opal. Unisex and bright, this design will inspire your inner fire to glow even brighter!

For a full description (and photos, because even we get bored with lots of text) of erizo's commitment to high quality hand woven garments, please see our Quality Commitment page. 

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