Hand Woven Toggle Poncho // Ametrine

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Another multi-use item in our collection, the toggle poncho can be worn as a cape style garment with the toggle closure at the chest, or the garment can be turned into a large triangle shawl or chunky scarf. Our signature blend of cotton and bamboo, our fabric is soft and luxurious, and offers a beautiful drape.

Hand woven and hand finished in Alberta, Canada. We are eco-friendly, using  Canadian thread and vegan leather labels on all of our Toggle Ponchos.

Fabric is 50% Bamboo & 50% Cotton, and measuring 145cm x 150cm (57” x 60”) unbuttoned. The bamboo adds an amazing softness to the fabric! 

Coming from only one place in the world, Ametrine is the formation of both Citrine & Amethyst crystals together. A beneficial stone for connection from divine to physical, male to female, guidance and helping with anxious tendencies. We wove the deep purple amethyst threads together with the golden citrine accents bringing this beautiful design together that will leave you feeling wrapped in royalty and connection. Deep purple and golds have always been associated with the royal way of life - luxury can be part of your everyday wardrobe as well!

For a full description (and photos, because even we get bored with lots of text) of erizo's commitment to high quality hand woven garments, please see our Quality Commitment page.